Adboom - Your right hand

We love creative ideas, but we know exactly, what it takes to make them great. A true right hand helps you and your goals in everything. This makes the strongest promise we can make.

Curiosity. Obsession. Cooperation.

We are curious about the company you represent and the brand you build to the best of your knowledge. We are interested in the person you want to address. We explore technological and communication opportunities that improve the target audience’s relationship with brands and provide them with experiences.

We are obsessed with our work as we analyse information, weigh ideas, or just create an exciting visual world. We do not stop
until we find the perspective that inspires new ideas, the concept that works equally well on a wide variety of tools; it engages and touches people, making our world perhaps a little more beautiful.

We cooperate with you. We know how much work and responsibility it takes to conduct a communication campaign, so we respond quickly. We help you achieve your goals flexibly and reliably, which means reassuring and balanced teamwork. We do our job as your right hand.

Our services

  • brand building, brand strategy
  • image planning and design
  • product launch
  • promotional campaigns
  • media planning and booking
  • commercials
  • DM campaigns
  • radio spots
  • DTP
  • printing
Digital solutions
  • online strategy
  • e-marketing
  • webdesign
  • social marketing
  • branded content management
  • videos
  • digital publications
  • animations and 3D
  • Google AdWords
  • SEO, SEM
Pharmaceutical Communications
  • communication with specialists and general practitioners
  • DTC campaigns
  • market and competition analysis
  • communication strategy
  • pre-launch and launch activities
  • complex image design
  • promotions in pharmacies
  • digital devices
  • materials for doctor’s visits, reminders
  • event marketing

Our partners

About us

Different points of view,
different experiences.

Our team consists of passionate professionals. We are aware of the importance of our own work. We try to utilize our experiences, but we also pay attention to each other and harmonize our ideas. We have common goals, yet we see our profession from different points of view.

Our creative director is a man of ideas. He sees today’s brand communication as a special storytelling taking advantage of the ever-evolving technologies and media interfaces.

Our art director speaks, at an advanced level, the universal language of visuality. His natural desire is to create something beautiful, almost artistic, which is in line with the world of the brand and the ideas of our customers. Meeting different expectations is a constant challenge, a real art.

The passion of our CEO is the essence of our business: to understand the feelings and thoughts of people as well as the laws of the operation of different markets. His approach to marketing is reflected in the concepts developed by our company and also in the high quality service to our customers.


Pethő Kolos

Kolos Pethő

managing director

He was captivated by the world of marketing years ago. According to Kolos, almost everything is marketing: a kind of exchange is present even in human relationships, a mutual meeting of different needs. He also applies this approach to advertising, company management and partnerships. He sees the power of empathy as the key to a better life. One of his favourite quotes: “If you think of only yourself, you have a problem, if you think of others, you have an exciting task.”

Kapin Melinda

Melinda Kapin

deputy managing director

Melinda sees and manages our company as a system. She provides efficient service to our customers with well-functioning, controlled work processes. She supports professionalism, internal and external communication by organizing regular trainings and team buildings in good atmosphere. A new colleague soon becomes a real team member in her hands. After the birth of her two sons, she also mastered management from home, so today she is suitable for two types of roles.

Török Vince

Vince Török

creative director

What is a strong creative concept like? Not only unique, but it is also commercially competitive. Vince majored in Hungarian language and he is also an economist; it is no wonder, he is a committed believer in business creativity. In his spare time, he renovates old furniture and he is a regular visitor to flea fairs, from where he always returns with new acquaintances and interesting stories in addition to strange objects.

Stefanics Fanni

Fanni Stefanics

account director

Fanni graduated in pedagogy and family support, which shows how important human relationships are to her. She is the true right hand to her clients: she works with them in campaign management, in such a coordination like somebody’s right and left hand. Her practical attitude, innovative approach and strategic thinking are important resources for our company. In her spare time, she spends a lot of time with her family and friends. Being with them is the real relaxation for her.

Fegyverneki Gergő

Gergő Fegyverneki

business development manager

With several years of management experience, Gergő arrived to us from the field of FMCG He currently manages the marketing activities of our agency. He knows from experience how good advertising helps increase turnover, moreover, to the greatest delight of our clients, ROI is not an unknown term for him either. Continuous learning and self-improvement is also important in his free time. He likes to come and go, and if he wants peace, he replaces the hustle and bustle of Budapest with a fishing rod.

Mészáros Péter

Péter Mészáros

key account manager

Peti previously coordinated the editing of advertising publications, so he knows what it’s like when change is the only constant in one’s life. He loves dynamism and hurly-burly, and always puts the best of his knowledge and diligence into his work. In his free time, he likes to discover the beauty of Budapest with his partner, and he is also a dedicated promoter and player of Ultimate Frisbee team sport.

Szirmai Olivér

Olivér Szirmai

senior graphic designer

To create value without being autotelic is Olivér’s motto, who brings our customers’ visual ideas to life as a graphic designer. He is versatile and creative, who enjoys dealing with online materials and is not afraid of more complex print jobs requiring creative execution. Olivér creates also in his spare time. Our graphic designer then replaces the design desk with a DJ table, where he focuses on sound.

Rácz Viktor

Viktor Rácz

graphic designer

Viktor strengthens the creative team of our agency as a graphic designer. He has always loved to draw, and although he chose to study Anglistics at university, this little detour only reinforced his determination to dedicate his work to the joy of creation. His favourites are hand-drawing, perspective representation, and making edited images come to life. In his spare time, if he doesn’t draw, he edits videos. He is inspired by the visual, cultural and musical atmosphere of the 80s.

Tatay Eszter

Eszter Tatay

graphic designer

As an applied graphic artist, Eszter speaks the language of visual communication. Besides online materials, Eszter is also familiar with the ins and outs of catalogue and magazine editing. What she especially likes about her work is the variety and challenges because she believes these are the most important foundations for her development. In her spare time, she enjoys her favourite programs both indoors and outdoors. When outdoors, they are hiking, animals and nature; when indoors, they are books, movies and cooking.

Baran Katalin

Katalin Baran

DTP operator

She graduated from the Budapest College of Technology with a degree in printing, but she earned her qualification at the School of Life. We can always count on Kata’s expertise, sharp eyes and speed. She especially loves to devise the appearance of publications, in which case, she works with full spirit, and then she publishes logically edited, precisely implemented materials. She unwinds completely when she runs in the fresh air at her own pace.

Varga Diana

Diana Varga

financial director

She provides the background for Adboom’s operation. She works with great precision, accuracy and, at times, rigor. However, her work is by no means tedious, since a financial manager doesn’t just live in a world of numbers and charts. Dia has regular meetings with our partners, and learns constantly in order to keep up with the latest rules. Fortunately, this is not a problem for her, nor is the management of our finances.

Hankó Zsolt

Zsolt Hankó

IT manager

Zsolt ensures the operation of our computer workstations. He is the “right hand of right hands”. He always helps if there is a technical problem. He takes care of the maintenance of the machines and the procurement of the necessary materials. His work can also be considered his hobby. He constantly monitors the development of computer technology, regularly “updates” his knowledge and, if necessary, makes proposals for trying out and acquiring new software.


1016 Budapest,
Mihály utca 15.
Phone: +36 1 248 2550
Mobile phone: +36 30 663 4709