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Office image creates brand value

Our client moved to a new office after 15 years. On this occasion, we were invited to design a creative and unified image for the company’s 29 new conference rooms.

Our plans were inspired by the basic idea of ​​UPC. In the three-story office building, the conference rooms were named after major cities where the company and its parent company are present. This is how the names of Prague, Vienna, Eger, Nagykanizsa and Santiago came up.

We created a pleasant working environment with a visual setting based on the main sights of the given cities. In addition to the functional aspects, we also placed great emphasis on aesthetics. Office decor became a tool for creating real brand value and hopefully, it contributed to employees’ positive emotional attachment to their workplace.

In doing so, we helped to make the brand image in the minds of employees even more colourful and valuable.

Our task: the complete graphic design of the interior decoration of the offices located on three levels.