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Meggle –
Unique prize game

No crying over spilt milk in managing a promotion

When designing the 25-year-old Meggle’s promotional mechanism, we also incorporated a number of unique elements, such as a choice of grand prizes, different prizes every month, or lovable gestures like a cake for the 25th person to register each month, which the player could redeem at a patisserie close to their home.

Our job was to run the 4-month promotion in its entirety, from generating a creative concept through customer service and managing promotional eDM campaigns to managing prizes. Of course, a unique, responsive microsite was also created for the unique prize game, which was also designed, programmed and operated by us.

Barter prizes were also used in compiling the prize pyramid.

Tasks performed: complete planning, implementation, execution of consumer promotion, prize procurement, customer service, design and implementation of communication tools. Microsite design, programming, operation, eDM campaigns.