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For a #Goodweird game,
a #Goodweird invitation
is suitable

In connection with the introduction of YOGA laptops, we collaborated with the Lenovo team to invite media staff to an unusual game. We sent 5 balloons each to 50 editorial offices with 50 couriers with a #Goodweird invitation, the details of which were hidden in the balloons.

The invitation was literally a big bang that set the tone for the game. Colleagues gave their best to show the #Goodweird side of the editorial office and convince the readers of

Player became the “bestweirdest” editorial office. They could choose from #Goodweird experiences: slaughtering of pigs in the countryside, tandem skydiving or tank driving. At the second place, Mobilaréna was enriched with #Goodweird office tools. Fanny’s team came in third, they got #Goodweird gadgets. The game proved that there is a bit of madness in everyone, which is a really good thing to express at times.

Tasks performed: invitation creative idea, graphic design, management.